Easter Event (Fri, Mar 25th 2016 - Mon, Mar 28th 2016)

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  • Easter Event (Fri, Mar 25th 2016 - Mon, Mar 28th 2016)

    From March 25th, for 4 days the White Rabbit will visit the towns. By talking to him you can start the Easter quest, he will deliver you an Empty Basket and ask you to collect Easter Eggs and fill the basket. You can gather 20 types of different easter eggs all across the server.

    Once you placed every egg in it, click on it again and it will transform to a 'Basket with Eggs' which you can bring back to the Easter Rabbit. Repeat this process as many times as you can, the White Rabbit will keep the count.

    You can obtain Golden Eggs from the Easter Rabbit for every basket you filled up completely.

    • You can only drop the eggs from the Easter Metins close to your level
    • You need 20 different type of eggs to fill the basket, you can check at any time which eggs are missing by clicking on the basket.
    • Low level players may get the Easter Gem, it works like a radar, pointing out where the closest Easter Metin is.
    • You can only got your reward AFTER the event is over.

    We wish you a good Easter and a great hunt.

    Regards, Metin2 SG Team

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