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  • Sedentarius

    Mighty007 what is a keyboard killer?

  • Mighty007

    really i thought the keyboard Kilers are online 24/7

  • Lacex54

    This nature2k 24/7 online on forum

  • PooKeR

    hey <3 <3

  • Moise Rares

    hey girls <3

  • Degmond

    shadow said they'd be removed, can't see a reason to rage rly

  • Lyetta

    no deary @[GM]Kovach, I didn't and won't buy the pet. Now I'm gonna cry in the corner of my room.

  • [GM]Kovach

    Lyetta if you bought the pet with tp's, you should have it in your Mall Storage!

  • bombardieru


  • Lyetta

    the pet*. Again, I'm sorry for that. I didn't even wanted to insult you at all. xD

  • Lyetta

    Overall I couldn't get the mount because the quest just expired and I rage-yelled everything and I got a very justified ban, it was a very nice event. :D

  • Tjepper

    :thumbsup: Thanks for the event

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Server on. The event is also over

  • Nicki Minaj

    lol wat

  • Moise Rares

    boy with gf looking for a 2nd one, please pm me.

  • Tjepper

    Hi :)

  • [GM]Emory

    Hello :)

  • bombardieru


  • Moise Rares

    NNN1 ;)

  • Gzanu

    yooo pastar <3 !

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    Ilhan u dont even deserve to talk your mother has same fetishes like u BBC

    ahahahahahahhahahaha DAMNNN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA look at him and look at Stefan Zvonkovic , you both are in madness now crying ahahahahahahah, Hey be quiet if Fumao find out you have girl can shit happens he raped you already,Imagine what could he do to her gagagagagaagaggagagagaggaagag

    hey Lacex i think your girl gonna leave you, do you know why if she heard that Fumao raped you + when she heard he Big Guy,with monney Strong Powerfull + black ahahahahahahhahahahahaha

    don't care about your challenge, i always fight for guild, for kingdom, not for my ego. If i want fight for my ego i can put full vs for 10 seconds, i record when i skill you a lot and that's all, after i die when someone like Barry or Chiye come and attack me xD

    Like i said ty Bbazzy like i said, i play long time with German ppl or ppl like him, they only care about his own ego nothing else, he dont give a sh1t did his kingdom lost battle or won ahhahahahah, but he he make on AlmightyPush on AlmightyPush with pvm eq clean and etc aleks only use it for remove, but hey 18k ahahahah i swear if he put his PvM items and go out clean i'm sure i would hit him with finger over 30k

    Hey Lacex ahahahhahaha you should be quiet , bcs We have Fumao for you muajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajaja ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha


    Ahahahaha Stefan your and JkRR videos like always 5 min or max 8 xDDDDDD always cuting the scenes and etc pfff ahahahhaha Stefan Boy seams u are more pissed of than the others agagagagaggaagagagagagagag

    and one more thing i thought 25cm would be more like me or aleks or Chiye i mean more Serbe than German i thought he had more Serbe blood inside him why? Bcs his name,his full name is Stefan Zvonkovic, i didn't know it Aleks told me before 2 days, he find out his full name bcs on 25cm profiles you can see only Stefan and Z... So i except more from him i thought he be. Strong , brave , Smart with a honor like we are. but no he disappointed Me i mean US.

    Listen these but please we can all saw that on your Videos Nature2. All of them Purge + HowHigh have the costumes with boni, against class and deff against class + they have all of them each 8x pets vs and deff xDDDDDDD. So when did you see me last time with that kind of stuff? no you wont see me i'm AlmightyPush, i'm not Stefan ups pardon i mean 25cm in game name i'm not JkRRR or the others, I'm AlmightyPush, AlmightyPush!!!!!

    and one more thing Nature my bro listen , i play very long time with German ppl these game no mater how or what no matter, what i wanted to said is almost always when they lost battle or even no lost, they words are like 90%, I make you 20k i kill you with one skill, come duell i won vs you 10-0 ez come duel in items me do you that dmg me can't die me that me these bla bla bla. so what my point they don't give a shit if they lose the battle they only care about their self. they don't give a **** if now JkRRR is pissed of or MrSick dies over there writhing and trying to denied everything , no they only care about dmg and if you kill him he still keeping or continue with same kind of story. + i told him ey you little thing if i can say so it's was Aleksandar on my acc he had pvm items you can't even reach me not make or kill me, but he don't care, so Nature my bro go some times in farm maps or map1 kill him till he is afk and put how you kill him afk i swear he gonna died ahahahah, like FUmao killed LACEX AHAHAHAHHAHAHA