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  • Gzanu

    yooo pastar <3 !

  • PooKeR

    Hey all 😂

  • Etherial

    okay, thank you :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As a matter of fact there is no mention of it on the thread since this year you don't need any pet to trigger the drops

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The quest was not supposed to go on live as it was of the last year. It will be removed with a reboot and also the pets that it gave.

  • Etherial

    yea that quest, after finishing it he asked me to do it again and gave me the same pet again :p

  • Tjepper

    It is the "go to yang shin" you can find him in map 2

  • beckmann

    is it the blue one " go to yang shin "? everyone talka bout quest, i dont see which, an dnobody can say me name of it , omegalul

  • beckmann

    which quest????

  • Etherial

    I got the same winged heart twice after repeating the quest, is it a bug??

  • beckmann


  • Gentle

    gn8 m8

  • beckmann

    gn8 gentle

  • Gentle

    good night

  • Sukie&Hiumi

    +1with pizza

  • po_xy

    SirPic for helper!!!

  • SirPic

    solution: don't log in.

  • beckmann

    when login, i get bug

  • Lacex54

    Kovach is serious brah

  • [GM]Kovach

    Good afternoon!

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    All I can say, it was fun. Doesn't matter lose or win / die or live.

    2nd Round was not necessary. I meant 2nd round as 2nd NW.

    Only problem was the map. First map was good, second map was a waiting playing game. I know it gets pick by the bots but maybe you can remove it from the files and patch up.

    Buffer in NW is your own responsibility it's like enter at your own risk. Make NW enter with 1 IP same as dungeons, then you wont complain about buffer dying.

    But thanks it was fun. Good job Tary. Good job all that joined.

    the colors of shops will be change soon but when idk. I can feel it they been working on it! Same as players suggested the color for an 6/7item and they kept saying no,no,cant but after a while they did it still. So i asume just chill. Thats all i can say

    Guys if im full magic res, full avg res, full undead and 1500+defense can i tank all 11th floor with buffs 40%?

    You are more than enough. If you want to tank and dont want to be a soda, use dragon god defence. With 1500+ ac you will be getting like 60%+ a hour to 95. You normally suppose to tank there at this specs that yoi are saying. You know sometimes its good to make liquids, take green and white liquids all will help you.

    I mean you are a warrior. I know mages that lvl there themself.

    Ps: 40% not bad, just use the brace harmony and such you will be good. Also if you want to tank more, use dragon earing 300defence more and but then you will need to eliminate one xp ring. BUT it worth a try to take one ring off for extra deff.

    you can contact me in game in 6 hours bro iam at work

    Bro if you at work, take the keyboard from work and bring home to play metin. Or this is not real lacex54! :O

    you will save money if you just buy a +4/5. If you have a +4 just buy glyph to +5. Then just buy flame key, 50% success talk to old lady to see your luck! :D before you try to upgrade your stone to 6. Then when it's 6 just buy 80% spirit for 150kk, and good luck with 80%. I have failed 3 out of 10 stones 80%. So goodluck!

    You guys don't get it,

    She meant this event will be DT run as dungeon master event,

    maybe next month will be different dungeon, plaqued. and Next Next month will be Orc Maze.

    She is just 1 person, 1 GM who will be doing this events, so to not make her stressful she'll just do 1 dungeon, not like last time of anniversary.

    and I guess it's still in BETA process.

    PS: since people complain it's little later, expect thanksgiving/black Friday/cyber Monday(not sure if there will be events just saying) in December too and Christmas in January

    hi welcome back, i think they changed it in april? They made ks not banabble and lvl 35s even if negative rank still drops at any negative numbers.

    Ps: even if you wear lucy ring at +20k rank and die, the lucy rings still drop xd