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    Hi guys, all the provocative and flamming messages will be deleted :)

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    i like rafael

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    i like pineapple

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    I like apples

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    Server off... ?

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    Lion Sword was never great

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    make lion sword great again shadow

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    THUg lived xd

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    If you spelled it right i might have raised it :D

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    raise the dragon bena drop !

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    Server on

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    The server is going down for a quick reboot.

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    If you need help remember that you can also write us via email or ticket

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    no gm online today :( ?

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    WTB bracelet with hp 10demi 10pierce 15magic res lv 39 or - pm

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    Still nothing about fishing extravaganza?

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    Server off ?

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    When i make runs(Hell Run,Ice Run) with 115 its very rare that Pearls and Pendats drop.

    In Hell run without Double Thief Glove(When i forget to put normal on) sometimes i drop only the Box, No Flame Key(Flame Key has 100% Dropchance):dash:

    The drop rate of this game that is equal to 100% is not 100 but 400. This is because the drop rate raise or lowers based on the level, 400% covers till 10 levels difference, while 100% doesn't. The drop list doesn't take consideration of your level difference, so whats displayed is the optimal %.


    Same at Metins with 115 you drop nothing from the 105 Metins, maybe you say we have the 110/115 Metins but this metins are so strong(you need much more time to get it down and you die much times) and they drop no Dragon Bean, Alchemie, Mount Certificate, Exp Ring, Thiefs Glove,Blessing Scrolls.

    A lv 105 Char makes way more Money as a 115, which spend hours and a lot of Money to get lv up.

    It is because the update was meant to be released in 2 parts in reasonable times, so the drops were set just to give a sip of the update. We are sorry it took more time than expected, but the drops will be altered once the Ochao Temple is released.


    Also you can not farm Bosses, because you drop nothing, a 105 char Dropps so much stuff at Bosses.

    With 105 i loved it to search the Ice Whitch, now its useless i drop no box xD

    I was not aware of this, I thought we had it covered in the past. We will do the proper adjustments.


    I also tryed to farm hl2, lv 75 Weapons
    and Bdb, i think i dropped lv 75 weapons normal( 2-3 from each(except Grudge) every
    hour), 2 Clams, but never Bdb, maybe i had 6 hours long no luck(i only tryed to test it), but
    someone from the guild said (lv 100) he dropps every hour 2 bdb.[/quote ]

    Like for the V2, Heavens lair has no maximum level to drop stuffs. You can try with your 120 on V2, it will still drop.

    The drop of V2 and Heavens Lair has no maximun level. You can still drop no matter the level, you can try with your 120 in v2 if you don't believe it :)


    +1 this is why I originally stopped playing. I accidently leveled my farmer (was getting xp faster than I could spend it)

    I offered money aswell, they refused, now I'm hooked with battle royale games :D

    If we accepted real money for these things we would be no better than our competitors :) If you quit for something so trivial it means the server didn't get in your skin strong enough, its a pity but we respect your choice :)

    The Temple of Ochao is a Dungeon and a Maze of the Enchanted Forest map. To access to the dungeon a Party must slay the En-Tai Guardian, which may spawn across several spots of the map. Once killed it will release a 10 minute special portal.

    This portal allows a unique feature, the invasion. Any party can invade the run as long as the portal is active.

    The objective of the run is to locate and destroy the 4 Ochao Prince, which are scattered in all the dungeon.

    Once the enemies are defeated Jotun Thrym will challenge you. Killing both his bodyguards will lower his defense but raise his attack power as well.

    The run ends when he is defeated. Bare in mind that every member of the group or any invader, will be kicked if they die even once.

    Every monsters on the Ochao are Devils.

    By doing quests you already get a young mount, you can't attack from it, otherwise everyone will just create every 2 days an account to get a free white lion, but you can run with it and not being "on foot". So... ;)

    ther would be more pvp in server, if peopel would less flame

    people avoid pvp cause they know the will read the next 2 years every day " i gave you dk hahahah or oh you used push to kill me, or blablabla" and such other shit not only ingame in forum or youtube too

    and you wonder why ppl dont want to join nw? watch chat, thats why.

    We can't do much about that, except what we did already, banning the toxic players which have no interest in game except to just bother and insults others who want to enjoy it.

    so Once again i just Want Shadow try to make some kind of rules for NW, than trust me NW GOnna be EPIC but Epic like first round today both sides fight good, but the second one terrible god save me of that kind of fight

    The players can suggest what kind of rules they want or what kind of flaws the event has in their opinion. If they are proper requests within the game possibility and not self centered egoistic demands just because they don't want to lose, we can and we will, grant them. This is an event to enjoy one of the most appreciated aspect of this game so we don't mind to work to improve it, as long as the demands are fair and selfless.

    Coloring items is easy, the issue was with the equipment until we created a special function after thinking outside the box. However they can't be customized by the players. Otherwise it can be vulnerable to hacks, which is why we always said it was almost impossible to do it, in safety at least. A pearl or a book, has only one value, but equipment has 10 values, this is why items are easier, it takes 1/10 of the time.

    DSS stones works like the equipment, they don't have a single value but several, so they can't be colored unless they have rare bonus too, which yes is possible, but unlikely possible when you drop them at rough or cut grade and rare or not rare, you would still grab it. We could color them all, but there won't be a difference between legendary with 7 bonus and rough with 1 bonus.

    As for the other items, the criteria to color them seems to be personal. I mean you may need Blessin scrolls and want them to appear with a different colour, but someone else might not care of blessing scroll but care of ice marbles, which is a common drop.

    Anyway we will start with the dungeon items and we shall see how it will looks.


    It's server side, it can't be customized by you guys with your client. If we set the server on night mode, is night mode for all and with the current community far from being helpful, new players may wonder why the server is on night mode without knowing they can technicaly turn it off at will. So we prefer to leave the night on night.

    He is not invisibile, you simply did not log properly, the maps and the other objects may be loaded but you are obviously offline. Is either because of weak network or you have ipv6 type connection which doesn't work on Metin2. Change to ipv4.

    No it was like this since the day we released those maps. A level 60 can enter and do the Dark Dragon Quests (which you can see from our Wiki) because the very first quest is to set foot on the Cape map and is a level 60 quest.

    We can't make the new one tradable without affecting the old ones too as they share the same value. It is fine as it is, if you farm daily with your main you will reach Ancient quick enough. The drop rate is much higher compared to the quest and it rewards active players, which is our target, instead of idle accounts.

    Of course as stated, the alchemy drops better at level 90 and above because we believe Ancient and Legendary stones should be achieved by the players of this level. Low levels can still get beneficts as a set of rare stones is not hard to get and it improves the statistic enough for those levels.

    Waste of time why? You are a new player so you have to farm unless you have some "benefactor" which gives you items xD

    By farming you will drop them. Like I said is not an event where you have to kill specific monsters or do specific stuffs.

    You shouldn't compare yourself, a new player with few minutes of gameplay with a level 75+ which plays a month of more, the drop is simply proportioned to the effort put on the server.

    The event is for everyone, the drop is simply proportioned to the level of the monster, a level 20 monster will drop much less than a level 100, but it will still drop. It is not an event where you have to do anything specific, just kill monsters, which is what you have to do all days anyway.