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  • Etherial

    okay, thank you :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As a matter of fact there is no mention of it on the thread since this year you don't need any pet to trigger the drops

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The quest was not supposed to go on live as it was of the last year. It will be removed with a reboot and also the pets that it gave.

  • Etherial

    yea that quest, after finishing it he asked me to do it again and gave me the same pet again :p

  • Tjepper

    It is the "go to yang shin" you can find him in map 2

  • beckmann

    is it the blue one " go to yang shin "? everyone talka bout quest, i dont see which, an dnobody can say me name of it , omegalul

  • beckmann

    which quest????

  • Etherial

    I got the same winged heart twice after repeating the quest, is it a bug??

  • beckmann


  • Gentle

    gn8 m8

  • beckmann

    gn8 gentle

  • Gentle

    good night

  • Sukie&Hiumi

    +1with pizza

  • po_xy

    SirPic for helper!!!

  • SirPic

    solution: don't log in.

  • beckmann

    when login, i get bug

  • Lacex54

    Kovach is serious brah

  • [GM]Kovach

    Good afternoon!

  • buryzencio

    Howker For now i got red changer blacksmith memo, cor draconis rought ,blue/red auto potion

  • Howker

    What a drop from chocolate and rose ?

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    Theres nothing to change imo.

    I dont see the point complaining about Loach or whatever fish. Whoever wanna win should do his best, and prepare himself as good as possible in order to make his kingdom victorious.

    Till today, Nation War got used to very few people inside, and sometimes, reaching 150 points by 1 kingdom took us even 30 min. But today it took like 10 mins.

    So incase we ll have good fights like today in the future, probably the only change that can be done is to raise the number of points that makes us win.

    A 30 min Nation War but full pvp is enough for everyone I believe.

    Yeh to make videos abt server not insult other ppl like a video before write shity things , and gz jkr u made 1v1 after 10years so u can kill some 1 on ur own without any borrowed item.

    Everyone free to have own opinion. ty . better than never

    Thanks Tary.

    As for the others that claim they are the best 1vs1 or things like that, its a long time since I didnt see any of you in the budokan arena or challenging someone for a duel, so you better keep quiet.

    As for the other part "it was my dad in acc , was my grandpa , it was santa claus", just to not make the char look what it actually is , we are tired of excuses.

    Please keep it clean and no flames.

    dss / time elixir / tickets or whatever , is too complicated and probably not good.

    But I guess adding a new amount interval for vitality ores is easier and helpful too :D

    For example from common items , keep like now , max 15 vitality ores. And for mystic - legendary raise the amount to 25 max. So there will be a difference between crap common and crap rarity eq. xd

    Sharing gear after 1st duel or sharing before duel is the same thing. And as long as it is legal, everyone is free to do whatever he want. ( incase that happened, wasnt online at the moment).

    Btw panic ,i dont wanna offend you but , the 2 ss you made, are clearly showing that you wanna brag about your victory at budokan and about your hp left, so asking for no flames while doing that is nonsese imo.

    Gz both and looking forward to see the next fight !

    Bring everyone to budokan !!

    just peace!

    hey bro, everything sounds attractive.
    got 1 questions tho, the box in item mall will be sold for TP or MP ? or the decision not sure yet. thanks and cya around :D