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  • Tary -

    The Lottery numbers should be sent to my Inbox. I will only consider those I receive there

  • ratoiu11 -

    7 13 19 35 38 3 8

  • Tary -

    No, this is my wall :P

  • iDieInIrak -

    the inbox is here?

  • eddy94 -

    i am lvl 70 when this PVM event start for my category

  • Mighty007 -

    Tary psl here Push from email ikicabih@gamil.com. pls say this to GA NUll Woopie was just used my accs all this accs on ikicabih@gmail.com and my other acc AlmightyBeast which is on diffrent acc which i use already 4 years. i have nothing do with Woopie he was my frend like 1 year and he quit i change pw he dont log like last few days and GA NUll banned him perma on forum and he banned probbaly all accs which he used all pls GA Shadow know that alredy im here 4 years +

  • Tary -

    Not that long, I just don't know when it finishes :D

  • rudhra -

    Dear Tary pvm king event 1:00am - 11:00pm is it that long ?
    or if it a typo error time please :)
    sry i read it all now don't know to delete this !

  • Tary -

    @PrincePersia, if you read the whole thread, there is information there to where you should answer.

  • PrincePersia -

    answers here?

  • Aoshi -

    Hey, any news about the contest? :P

  • Mekaan -

    I need logos please :D