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  • Shadow -

    I don't do the events.

  • beckmann -

    will the ox from thursday that didnt happen, going to happen on weekend? or is it just " skipped" ?

  • Gzanu -

    hi Shadow,how many characters i can bring in DT ?

  • Gentle -


  • Dangio -

    i'm waiting for 50% tecpoint sales

  • Shadow -

    Mekan89 is better if you write us a ticket, with all the informations

  • Mekan89 -

    Hi sir shadow i bought 410$ tp but i didnt get any respnse is it done or not plzzz check n tell me . Im worrued about it

  • SkyIsBack -

    Hey, I Spend 50€ via Paypal. And i get NO Tec Points....

  • Reptilian -

    When will come %50 tp bonus ?????

  • maimutafunky -

    where can I report an player ? He is playing with hack.. I have demo ^^

  • HooliganZi -

    Hello Shadow Check new post in Suggestions thanks!

  • Dangio -

    For Halleween activated 50% tec point bonus? should i spend some money. ty

  • Shadow -

    I just came back from a small vacation, is better if you just write a ticket or a pm with full details. Thanks

  • Mighty007 -

    Mark pls men i have very big Problem. GA Null banned Woopie on forum Perma banned and he banned all accs he used before and That is big Problem now he banned all my accs on and my other acc which i buy before 4 years topbody all that accs Woopie was used and now GA Null banned him perma and all accs he used and alredy few days he didnt used my accs i change pw. Pls Mark he banned him and all accs he used and now im in shits, bcs Woopie

  • mertcanglc -

    Hey I mean no movement cutting boss.Please message me .

  • alexkat19 -

    are you here?

  • Cosmin Rosca -

    hei. why i got ban?

  • Gentle -

    Can you activate Mistery Box event please? :)

  • YaLLLa -


  • YaLLLa -


  • marianne -


  • DeinVater -

    I payed for this game.

  • DeinVater -

    WHAT ?! No way pls.

  • Shadow -

    The ban is permanent, trading items for other game's items is illegal.

  • DeinVater -

    You banned me for 5 Minuts. My question is: for how long?

  • ishoxit -

    how do i find a gm ingame ?

  • Shadow -

    You don't need to, if you inserted a real email our answer will come there.

  • ishoxit -

    i opened a new ticket but i cant acces to the ticket ?